Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas is Coming Series - Card 5!

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all managing to stay afloat during this busy run up to Christmas!  I started out with good intentions, as you know, to have all my cards made and ready to send out of the door on December 1st!……..and here I am on the 16th posting my last video in this mini series and I am off to post the last two of my cards as soon as I have written this ;-)

I really hope you like this one as I loved how it turned out.  It is definitely the longest of the card batch making sessions but I hope you will agree it is worth it.  May I present to you the window shaker card using Rubber Dance Stamps!

Lots of frosty goodness in the window shaker and fabulously festive foliage to decorate the card.  I hope that even though this series took a little longer than I intended you agree this one was worth the wait!  If you have friends and family visiting at Christmas this is the perfect card for them.  Put aside an afternoon and you will have a batch made in no time.

I am going to do a separate page for all the card dimensions of this series which means I will have to watch the videos as I have sent all my cards out!!!!!  I think a little fast forwarding will be in order ;-)

Here is the link for all the card dimensions!

As usual the inside definitely matches the outside:

The stamps I used were from the Pines Fir Yew and the Christmas Greetings stamp sets both by Rubber Dance - follow this link!……Almost forgot to mention there is a sale on!!!

I thought you might like to check out this link to visit my friend Annie who used one of my designs (Card 4) as a starting point for some of her Christmas Cards this year.  They look fab and I was really pleased to see I had helped a bit with giving some inspiration.

So without further ado here is the tutorial to show you how you can make this window shaker design.

I am not sure how many more videos or blog posts I will fit in between now and New Year as I really must relinquish my computer to the mender men before my Apple Care runs out!  I am going to be bereft but I hope to give my craft room a thorough sorting and dusting and wiping down while it is away.  Maybe I should promise to do a craft room tour video to give me more incentive ha ha!

At the weekend I hit 4000 subscribers on my You Tube channel and was as pleased as punch!  Thank you all so much for supporting me and cheering me on.  I love sharing both here on my Blog and over there on my You Tube Channel and of course selling my workshops over on my ETSY shop.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are progressing nicely and that you are a little better organised than me!!!  I have an Art Journal Video uploading as I type this so I should be posting that tomorrow and I have 3 crafting things I would like to get done before the New Year ………keep your fingers crossed for me.

Incase I don't manage to do all that before my Computer is wrestled from my grasp I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas (with lots of crafting goodies from Santa!) and a Healthy and Happy New Year.



PS……Thank you for popping by X


  1. Wow, so very "christmassy" and pretty, dear Helen <3

  2. You always have great ideas Helen. That is awesome!

  3. Beautiful cards, Helen! :-) Thank you so much for using my stamps for this project. They look really good on your cards! Love the detail of the red "berries" :-) Happy Christmas! x

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