Thursday 18 December 2014

Art Journal - Page 4

Hi Everyone

At last I managed to make time to have a play in my Art Journal - I must do that more in the New Year…..better resolution than the diet one again ;-)

You will see in this video that I was never sure that I could translate my idea of an old plastered wall to my pages!  But Art Journalling is all about having a go and exploring so I persevered and I really like the result after all!

As usual my pages contain pockets to add tags for journalling about our pets. We still miss Bart and Simba but wouldn't be without Comet even when he looks at us as if to say come on then let's go for a walk in the cold oh human of mine ;-)

I hope that my video inspires you to be experimental and not to panic (I did a bit and turned the camera off for a minute or two!!!!).  Just persevere knowing if it really does go wrong you can start again with a new layer of paper or paint!

This tutorial shows you how to use acrylic paint to transfer images to your Art Journal pages as well as another way to add pockets to your journal.

Off to finish up the ……..put your fingers in your ears I am about to use a bad word……..Housework ….eeek!  My Mother-in-Law arrives today for the holidays so I had better get things looking spick and span!  I won't be letting her in my craft room or the cupboard where I am going to hide the ironing pile!

See you again soon.  Thank you for popping by X

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