Tuesday 2 December 2014

12 Tags of 2014 - November - Part 2!

Hi Everyone

Here is the link to the video for the November tag I posted on the last day of November!

Lots of frosty products used to make my shaker tag this month.  I have been fitting in my crafting in between starting to prepare for Christmas.

We have two Christmas trees in our house and the first is up.  Check out the lovely sunshine I had whilst I was decorating it:

Actually the photo doesn't look sunny at all!!!  It was though…..can you spot the ghost in my photo!  Here are the lights and beads going on the tree.

Opening the box of decorations - This box of Disney ornaments on the top is about 20 years or more old now.  I remember buying them each month for a year when my eldest son Damian was little.  It is always Callum's job now to put them all around the bottom of the tree.

As he is the tallest in the house at the moment so he also likes to put the stars on top of the trees too!

Here it is all decked out in jewel coloured baubles.  Most of them were collected when we lived in Germany.  I can spot a few fabric baubles that I made.  Did you ever make them?…….They were a bit of a craze all those years ago and there were classes being run for them all over the place.  If you look in the photo above this one you can see one that I made (bottom left with sequins) and one that one of my boys made! (looks like a pine cone in green and purple)  I remember sitting down with Damian and Ivan and getting them to make one each for prosperity!  My Mum made one too.  Callum was still a twinkle in his Father's eye then so now I come to think of it I will have to get him to make one.

I love all the traditions that families adopt or make at this time of year.  I know it is those traditions that we celebrate that my children (now not so small) remember fondly of Christmases past.  I will share some of them with you over the coming days as I like you prepare the house for the holidays.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Oh…..and while I remember those of you guessing Advent Calendar on my 'Guess what it is' post the other day……correct!  I have yet to finish it so I have decided I am not late for this year but early for next ;-)   ho, ho, ho!

Have a fun week and enjoy the frosty tag video.  Thank you for popping by X

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