Tuesday 16 September 2014

What No Video???!

Hi Everyone

It is unusual for me to post without a video these days but I had an idea of a scrapbook page when I was cropping with my friends at the weekend and I thought you might like to see what I did….

…Firstly please let me apologise for the really mucky craft mat!  No posh videoing mat for me ;-)

I had a whole length of ribbon I had coloured with Mustard Seed Distress ink.  I intended to use it on another project but the colour wasn't quite right.  Whilst packing up ready to crop on Saturday I had an idea to use it on a layout.  I started out by cutting 3 circles that were just the right size for the photo's I intended to use.  Then using a pencil I marked out a trail I wanted my ribbon to follow around the appertures.  I then pierced along the line ready for stitching to take place.  As you can see here I also added some splatter using a Black Soot and Mustard Seed Distress Paint and distressed the edges of the grey card stock with more Black Soot Distress Paint.

I gathered up a length of my ribbon along the centre using a running stitch and then added double sided tape around the line of my first apperture.  I used the running stitch to pull the ribbon into gathers as I arranged it around the aperture.  I added more pieces of DST where the ribbon overlapped itself on the way to the next circle.

I used black embroidery thread and the holes (now only visible on the back of the card stock to stitch the ribbon into place.  I worked one aperture at a time and made sure there was no grey card stock visible on the inside of the ribbon frames.

You can see the stitching now follows the line that I drew previously.

Next I drew a looping line with a pencil coming in from the top left of the card stock and pierced the stitching holes along the line.

I added the DST to hold the ribbon in position ready for stitching.

That was the main part of the page layout finished so on to the photos the title and the journalling …….

See how that lovely yellow ribbon draws your eye from one photo to the next.  These are photos of my eldest son in 1985.  I am gradually scrapbooking his photos and I managed to do a couple of layouts at the crop in-between chatting and eating cake of course!  I still need to add titles and journalling to them so I will share them later.

Before I go though I thought this might make you smile.

Do you think Comet is wondering why he doesn't get to join in our TV dinner night?!!!!  I remember three years ago Comet could sit on that stool…..now he leans on it ;-)

Soooo cute!

Still with the same please feed me look in his eye though!

Have a fab week and thank you for popping by X


  1. Very cool frilly frames, Helen! Love the colour scheme too, and your famous spattering. Don't apologise about a mucky craft mat - mine's the same! I think it's unrealistic to have a "posh" one for videos lol! Lovely dog, and what a cute puppy he was. Tthe first pic reminds me of some I took of our kitties watching my hubby eat - such intense, unblinking stares, just in case they missed anything! Also, one of our kitties used to sleep in my slipper when she was tiny, and for several years afterwards, would sleep on top of it, completely covering it, until she realised she couldn't actually fit in it any more!!


    1. Hi Shoshi - you I right it is a bit unrealistic to have a clean videoing mat but I do my best! I get the scouring sponge on it from time to time ;-) It is amazing how quick our pets grow. Comet wasn't small for any time at all it seemed. We always say that Comet wishes he was a cat as from time to time he will try his luck at sitting on your knee!!!! It is so funny - you can't watch the telly over him and he can't really get comfy! Hope you are having a fun week. Hugs Helen x

  2. Lovely pages & lovely pictures of a gorgeous pup! Comet must be about the same age as my goldie, Bailey was 3 in January - he, too, used to sit in the ekornes stool!


    1. Thanks Sally. Comet was 3 in July. I can't believe how the time has flown. They are so entertaining! Always doing something to make you smile. Hugs Helen x

  3. Such a fun layout! I followed along just fine. Love the use of the dyed crinkled ribbon to frame those fun pics. Comet is adorable, I bet with that face he could get stuff sneaked to him all the time!

    1. Hi Winnie - hope you are keeping well. Comet is definitely hard to resist! He always comes and sits right under my feet when I am making lunch in the hope a treat will come his way! Yesterday I noticed I had dripped gravy on his head! They do make you smile! Hugs Helen x

  4. What a fun idea for a layout!! I really like how it turned out.
    Comet is soooo cute - now as well as 3 years ago.

    1. Hi Bibi - glad you liked the layout! I am catching up with myself today so I am off to check out Facebook next! Hugs Helen x


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