Wednesday 3 September 2014

Page 3 in My Art Journal….a little bit of magic!

Hi Everyone

Half way through the week already.  Here in the UK we are definitely moving into Autumn but the last of the Summer sun is trying to break through the clouds!  For the past couple of weeks we have had our eldest son visiting and it was great.  He headed back for some Spanish sunshine yesterday so I am missing him today.  Keeping myself busy though and crafting is a great tonic so here is my third page in my Art Journal:

As you can see……totally different to the other two pages!  I intend to use this page to remember some happy visits to Disney World, hence the magical theme!  I came up with a new way to have the extra journalling space that tags bring and in the video I show you how you can create pages like this one.   Fairies might not be your thing but take a look at the structure of the page and then decorate it in a style that is you.

I will add photos and journalling to my page and I can use my tags to do that and if I the muse takes me and I have a lot to say by keeping my image of Tinkerbell in the corner I have lots of lovely space around her to continue journalling!

Hope you like the tutorial and of course I wish you all a Magical Day!

Thank you for popping by X

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