Friday 22 August 2014

Page 2 of my Art Journal Book

Good Afternoon Everyone

Just popping in to post another video of my second page in my Art Journal Book.   I really hope you can see how much fun I am having.   I really love how this page turned out and the hidden pockets and tags are my favourite part!

Check out me and my little brother Paul in our rubber rings…..I am surprised we are smiling as we are paddling in the North Sea!!!!   I guess we were made of hardier stuff back then as I am pretty sure I wouldn't chance it today….Brrrrrr!

I really hope this project and the videos I will be sharing get more people trying Art Journalling for themselves.  Here is the video for Page 2.

I am hoping that my book will become a family heirloom one day and I hope that the pockets and tags aren't too hidden!!!

Here is a photo of the full book page.

If you are wondering about the stamps they are all available from rubber and they come from the Travel and Beach Retro sets.

Before I go I want to share a link with you.  My lovely and very talented friend Annie has just shared a wonderful project over on her blog.  She started out following my online workshop for the Pyramid Mini and then gave it her own wonderful twist and turned it into a celebration of love and gift to her hubby in celebration of their third Anniversary.  Please click on this link and pop over to check out all the wonderful details she has put in to make this such a wonderful gift.

It is always a thrill for me to see what Annie makes of my designs.  I love how this now looks like a little house and you will be amazed at the detail!

Click on this link if you want to make a Pyramid Mini in celebration of a special occasion for yourself.

Until next time hope you have lots of creative adventures of your own.  Thank you for popping by X


  1. Oh Helen, this is a fabulous journal layout!
    Now I'm off to watch your video.

  2. The waves are fantastic! Gorgeous scene, and love the stamps!


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