Sunday 13 April 2014

I did it!

Hi Just a quick post to let you see that I did get to the bottom of all that paint!  So I started with this messy cupboard with all manor of ancient and new paints…..

…….and after much shaking of bottles and tins ……….and two bags full of dried up paint later.

This is the shelf with all my old tester pots from the days when I painted murals - most are still going strong.  You will have seen me use them on my videos from time to time.  I threw away all the paint brushes with the sadly neglected now solid bristles ;-)

Here is the shelf with all the acrylic paint neatly sorted into colour groups and all with a dot of the colour on the lid - doesn't it look fab??!!

I did that yesterday and it seemed rude not to tidy the rest of the shelves in this cupboard too.  Before the tidy…..

The top shelf has class supplies and is quite neat already as I use this one a lot.  The one below is not so tidy!  And the bottom shelves are looking a bit messy too.

A little while later and……..

From the bottom to the top all tidy in this cupboard!

Whilst I was tidying I found something…….

Something I completed a long time ago and really should do something with…...

It is a children's book I wrote and illustrated and it was hidden away.  I think I should try to do something with it.  If it is not good enough to be published then I think I will turn it into a book so that one day I can read it to my Grandchildren.

I though I might do a spot more tidying but I am a bit bored with that so I think I am going to edit the video of my 12 tags of 2014 April tag.  Here is a little peek!

The roast is in the oven, the sun is shining here in Derby and I am feeling very virtuous after my little tidy!  I hope you are enjoying the end of your weekend wherever you are.  Thank you for popping by x


  1. Great organization there! Your book looks amazing! Have you sent it out for publication? If not, surely keep it for your grandchildren in the future, I wish I had something handmade or hand written by my grandma. They were both gone when I was born. It will be a treasure. That alien is too adorable!

    1. I did send it out once Winnie and I did have quite an encouraging letter telling me I should employ an agent to approach publishers but I couldn't justify letting someone else take on a job I wanted to do. I really should get on with it as I only tried one publisher. How is life in New York Winnie? Is the weather warming up for you yet? We had lovely sun today but the wind was freezing so other than walk the dog and watch Callum play rugby in the park we have stayed in the warm. Hugs Helen x

  2. Come and do mine pleeeeease?!
    Definitely pursue the book... talk to some publishers... you never know!

    1. Are you offering Coffee and Cake Laura! ;-) I could be bribed!!!! x

  3. Woowwww! She DID IT! The result is stunning, and not boring at all lol lol!!! It must have taken you ages! I'm afraid you're going to have all your friends queueing up to get you to come and tidy up our messes now!

    The book looks like a lot of fun and should definitely be done. My hubby did something similar for our nephews and they loved it. It's now going on to the next generation!

    Hope you are feeling better now.


  4. What a lovely neat cupboard Helen. It's a fab feeling isn't it, getting a corner all tidied out and looking ready for use. Your book is a fab re-discovery and I do hope you persue publishers for it. How exciting :o) Mo x

  5. Hi Helen your cupboard looks great now. I wonder how long it will stay like that? if you are like me not long :) The illustrations on your book looks and easy good enough to be published. I love the flowers on your tag too. Mo x


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