Sunday 30 March 2014

Advertising a Workshop

Hi everyone

Yesterday I was looking at my You Tube channel and tweaking a few playlists when I realised I do not advertise my workshops hardly at all so I set to creating a playlist and I edit a video I made at Christmas that I decided to give free with my Tangle Card Templates.

Originaly these templates were designed to enable me to introduce Zentangling to my classes.  They turned out to be great fun and, if I say so myself, let even a beginner to Zentangle make fab cards.

This is one of the Christmas designs.  The beauty of the 10 templates is that they come with spare shapes so if you are Zentangling and make a mistake you can just Zentangle another shape and you card is not ruined.  All the pieces are cut out and assembled decoupage style to make up the final card design.

As I was filming the 14 videos that come with the workshop it occurred to me there was so much more to these patterns and I tried stamping with them - they looked fab and then I tried using patterned papers and that was a great success too.

At the time I made videos that explain both methods.  This is a paper pieced version - what a great way to use up those christmas patterned papers.

This year I took it a step further when I made print files that allow you to batch make this card design.  Check out the video to see what I mean.  I am now offering 2 pdf files free with every purchase of this versatile set of templates which can be purchased from my blog or my ETSY shop.

This video shows you how quick and easy it is to make fab looking cards ready to send at Christmas.  The PDF file for the Curvy Tree Design allows you to make 12 cards in one batch.

I am working on the tutorial for the Holly Wreath but it's pdf file allows you to make 20 cards in one batch.  I hope you like the concept and that you purchase a copy of this very versatile template with 10 fun designs - 5 Christmas and 5 Birthday versions.  They look fab which ever technique you decide to use to make them up.

There are more possibilities for batch making cards with this template - Zentangle one whole sheet and then photo copy it before you make it up!!!

All this for only £8 - what a bargain!!!!  Have I tempted you yet?! ;-)  Check out the video to see all the other card designs.  Here is the link for the full playlist for some of the workshops I sell - I have a few more adverts to make!!!!

I am off to pack up for a crop with my friends today - I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and thank you for popping by X


  1. I love the zentangle sets I bought! Your videos show so clearly what is possible. I love your teaching style and I bet your classes are always a great success.
    I hope you enjoyed your crop and had a lovely mothering sunday **Hugs** :o) Mo x

  2. love the addition of the buttons......NICE = )


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