Tuesday 10 December 2013

Here's one I made Earlier!

Ho Ho Ho everyone!  I am feeling festive today.  Finally finished off the decorations and putting up the tree.  Only the rest of the house to sort out now.  As I decorate I take the opportunity to have a good old clean so as things get moved around to make one part of the house all pretty and festive the rest becomes neglected!!!!  Oh well I better keep on Santa's good list and get on with the housework.......later ;-)

Thought I would share a Festive Layout with you this morning.  I know it doesn't use what are considered traditional Christmas Papers but I think the Candy Cane stripe gives it a festive kick!  I love this photo of Callum and Mariah posing next to some giant fairy lights in New York.  I hope that you agree it has stayed the focus of the page. I think fussier Christmas patterns might have distracted.  Sometimes less is definitely more.  A big thank you to my friend Julie for cutting out my title on her brand new Silhouette!  Love that rounded font.  (Don't look at the Sihouette Helen.....Don't look....Dear Santa!)

I am tidying the part of my craft room where I film stuff so I can get a video I started last week finished off and shared.  I need to put my Mac in the workshop to be looked at so if I am not around for a while they have kept it :-(  I am hoping it is a small thing as I think one of the lights in the screen has gone off.  Surely that can't take too long........I am keeping my fingers crossed!  What will I do without it?  Pinch Hubbies laptop!!!!  Oh no.........back on the Naughty list it is then ;-)

Hope your preparations are running smoothly and that you get a chance to sit down and enjoy them with a hot cup of chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows - purely for the energy you understand!!!!

Thank you for popping by X

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