Wednesday 22 August 2012

Tag Tuesday - Table Games

Is it time to post a tag again already!!?  That will teach me to be more organised - though I do have to say this tag design came to me much much quicker than the last one.

Our family love playing board games.  My favourites is Pictionary for obvious reasons!  As a child my favourite was a game called 'Tell Me'.  We used to play it at my Aunty Mary's and Uncle Jack's.  We all used to sit wherever we could perch (it was always a full house) then one person called out the question - 'A fruit beginning with'.......We all waited with baited breath until the spinner stopped and the letter was called....'G'  Then the room erupted with everyone shouting out a fruit.  The Question Master was in charge of awarding the card to the first person shouting out the correct answer.  Not always an easy task in all that hullabaloo!  Some of the answers had us in fits of giggles as well as the rivalry when two people were trying to persuade the Question Master they really were the first person to say grape!!

I had a quick look in our games cupboard (no easy task as it is chocablock!) and I spotted an old favourite with happy memories attached so that was my inspiration for this week's tag.  The Greek writing at the top of my tag says, 'In Greece table games are called Tavli' and the bottom strips say 'We learnt to play Tavli in Cyprus'.

 Here is what the tag looks like when you open up the Tavli board.   You will recognise it as Backgammon.

The counters and dice are Fimo so you can actually play for real on my tag.  How's that for a pocket board game? :-D

I started off my tag by working out the sizes to construct each section of my board.  I have seen box frames made and I knew this would work.  All I had to do was scale things down.  So scored and then folded each line.

Next I had to work out how to cut the corners.  I stuck two sides in place first and then as I wrapped the next side into position so I could see where I needed to trim to get the box frame to take shape.

I left two sides free so I could add a brad fastening.

I started out by using tape to put the two sides of my board together but I wasn't sure I liked the pattern.

I added a large brad to one side of my Tavli board before folding it into position and a small brad and metal thingy to the other side.

The board is taking shape nicely so next I took a few photos of our life sized board and then scaled them on the computer to fit my mini version.  That's when I really decided to make a replica board and I covered the tape hinges I wasn't sure about earlier with card ones.

I trimmed and stuck in the board markings next.

I made a tag for my board to sit on and added a photo I liked of two Cypriot men playing a game of Tavli.  As I mentioned before I made the Tavli dice and counters with Fimo.  I stuck the board to the tag and added ribbon and some Greek words to finish my Board Game tag.

Here is my mini tag game next to the real macoy!  How did I do?  You can see from this photo our game is much loved and has seen plenty of action on the beaches of Cyprus usually as the sun went down and the barbecues were lit!  Happy Days!

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  1. This is just amazing and all on a tag-I can't stop looking at it :)

    The colours and images are all wonderful.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. This is a fantastic project. You have such patience to work on a small scale like that. I believe the top photo is Aphrodite's rock. I lived in Cyprus for three years and my second son was born there. Some of the men sat in bars playing Tavli all day, every day. I can still hear the rattle of the dice just looking at your pictures. A great idea, and beautifully executed. Well done! Kate x

  3. Like I said on Tag Tuesday site I knew you'd do something incredible and I was right :-D I liked Arnoldo's description of you, 'a good paper engineer' - I agree with him and with mamapez here who said you have 'such patience'. You sure do! haha, everything you do has such detail. :-D

  4. We are so enjoying having your tags at Tag Tuesday. Just thought I'd take some time to let you know :o)

    Very best wishes


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