Wednesday 16 May 2012

WOYWW 154 - and more Lesson Preparation!

I have been blogging this week about the routine I go through to prepare for my card classes and what's on my desk today ties in with those previous posts.

So photo one is of the packs completed end of my desk.  You can see the master packs of 5 of the cards with instructions.  Underneath each one is a pile of card stock cut up and ready to go.  By the end of this marathon chopping session you can imagine I am fed up with my guillotine!  For anyone popping in that has been reading my class prep blogs you will notice that I ditched the red white and blue theme for my second set of cards that I was going to go with in favour of this blue and white one.  I think it was because the only red card I had was and orangey red and I am partial to a blue red so I couldn't quite get myself to like it - though I am offering it as a choice as I had already cut up the card before I changed my mind (a designers prerogative!!).  

I am always worried I will forget something so I have spare of everything and as I make up the packs I put all the tools and inks into my trolley so fingers crossed nothing too vital get left behind on the day.  I did forget the keys to get in to the hall once!!  Good job I don't live too far away :-D

Here is one of the blue and white cards.  I dusted of my ribbler for this one!  I don't know why I don't use it more as I like the texture it adds to the mix.

A bit of clear desk in the middle, ready to prep the last pack later on.  I love the colour of the Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mica Flakes - Tarnished Bronze.  The container housed some noodles two days ago!

Messy again at the other end of the desk!  All the stamps and acrylic blocks we will be using in class.  The last card to be finished today I probably would have got this done yesterday but I took a break to do Tim's May tag.  I couldn't resist!  At the very end of my desk you can see my shopping!  I treated myself to some lovely G45 Tropical Travelogue goodies!!  I finally remembered to get some white Distress Stains which I think will come in very useful.  I fancy trying that spatting technique with it!

And last but not least on the floor a box of new goodies for my shop booked into stock and ready to go.  I really have to be strict with myself or it is a bit like 'Buy One (for the shop) Get One For Me!'  

I just though I'd mention that I am going to try my hand at giving away blog candy on my birthday next week.  I have to learn how to do one of those grab buttons first (all clues gratefully received).  It is a big birthday number for me next week so I though I would try to tempt people to sign up and follow me I am hoping for enough to match my big number!!  That would be cool.  I of course am not saying what that number is :-D

I have a coffee beside me and I am going to enjoy with my weekly tour of all the fab crafty stuff going on  all over the world right now!  If you are new around here and wonder what I am going on about then follow this link to visit Julia to find out all about WOYWW.  Have fun!  Big hugs to my WOYWW friends and thanks for popping in to see me. XXX


  1. What a lot of lovely photos you are sharing with us this week. Beautiful cards and what a lot of prep. Thanks for the reminder about the crimper - must use mine more often too.
    Hugs, Neet #11 x

  2. Sme great photos no clues for the grab thing sorry ...have fun at the course ! Hugs trace x

  3. ...gosh your busy and so much preparation to do...have fun & thanks for sharing...Mel :)

  4. I love blue and white anything, so your card really grabbed me! It's lovely :)
    Hugs, LLJ #48 xx

  5. I've done giveaways, but I have no idea what a grab button is. What am I missing?
    I would love to go through your box of new goodies for your shop, please just leave me alone with it for a while okay. I promise I won't take everything! ;-)

  6. Love the cards, bet your classes are fun! Good luck with the birthday!!! Helen, 4

    1. Super cards, and I love the use of your ribbler. Gonna dig mine out once home again. No idea how to do a grab button, but would love to know how for the Snippets Playground.
      Problem is, I did ask and the little imps are much too busy causing mayhem to tell me how! Di xx #54

  7. Messy desk is a good desk . lovely blue & white card . happy crafting jill #62

  8. wow!! this is a production line! most impressive! and i love the blue and white - clean and fresh for spring :)
    have a lovely week!
    no. 37

  9. PS so sorry - i meant to also say thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)

  10. You have been busy this week Helen, hope your classes go well - lovely examples there and that gorgeous Graphic 45 paper.
    Another May birthday girl here.
    Ann B

  11. I love that turquoise and brown easel card, it is gorgeous. You have been a busy bee, hope your classes to to plan. Anne #9

  12. Super organised if you ask me! Fab. Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 66

  13. Gosh what a busy bunny you are with all that prep. Thanks for finding the time to stop by my desk. Just had to look at your Timmy tag and it is superb. Was only thinking myself that hooks and eyes would be the next item to add and there you did it - brilliant! BJ#52

  14. The blue card is beautiful!! Your class will love it! And the goodies for you and for your store look awesome!
    Sorry, I have no idea how to make badges!!
    Happy WOYWW!

  15. I forgot to put #123!!!!

  16. you are super organised which must help with your classes,cards are fab
    have a fab woyww
    kay #22

  17. You busy bee, love your card.. I would love to come to your class!!love the box of stash enjoy!! Hugs May x x x#26

  18. This all looks so well organised, - what a lot of work! Gorgeous colours you are using.

    Have a good WOYWW and happy hopping

  19. Gorgeous goodies, love the class cards too. Hugs, Amanda #76

  20. you are very organised,love the blue and white card
    janet #40

  21. Such yummy items!! #100

  22. Fabuous card - It is quite hard preparing for classes!

  23. Fabulous card! You put a lot into prepping for those classes - good job!! Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #88

  24. Our 'class' preparations are very similar. I can't imagine my life without a guillotine, even a rotary cutter would put me off the preps! It was always one for me, one for the Im full of admiration for your strength!

  25. It all looks very organised! I don't think I could get my head around prepping for a class, I find it difficult enough organising myself!

    Happy early birthday - I've followed you now so hopefully that will help you reach your total/age!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  26. Ooo lots of hard work! Good luck with it, the project looks fab! Kim

  27. ooh lovely looking projects there.

    ps thanks for visiting my desk

  28. Wow and I thought I was busy you are in full busy mode and you make me feel tired. Congrats on your birthday up and coming. Love the cards.

    Eliza #19


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