Wednesday 2 May 2012


Hello to all WOYWW friends!  Is it that time already?  Posting this in my dressing gown as my son gets ready for school.  If you don't know what this is then follow this link and pop along to see Julia and find out more!

Don't look at the washing on the radiator......too late!  It has been a miserable week in England, Derby.  Grey wet days - except Monday when it was sunny and even the wind was warm when I took the dog for a walk.  Just a teaser though as we were back to grey on Tuesday.  Not sure why there is a cushion on the floor??  But the mucky looking sheet is where my dog lies when he pops in to keep me company.

From front to back of this photo is my lovely G45 papers and double sided Carpet tape waiting to be put away after the tutorial I made this week of a video case stamp storage project.  Follow the link if you want to see how they are made.  I need to put the videos back on the shelf...oh and the cards made with cards that are a couple of posts down too.  Bin just overflowing, bin too busy to empty it :-)

And last but not least a little craft project I picked up last night to help make a display for EVGC.  My son's gymnastics club.

From the other end of the desk.  I am thinking of making the big tube into an olympic torch so that the children can make pledges to learn a new move before the olympics.  The idea is to write your pledge on a paper flame and add it to the torch... a work in progress.  The picture is a mock up of the wall display made with, you guessed it, hula hoops, carefully back past the bin, stuff to be put away and finally rounding the corner passed printer and computer at the end.  You will be very glad I am not in the picture - pink fluffy dressing gown, big fluffy slipper feet and I really should have combed my hair as I am expecting VIP guests today!!!  Have a good one and thanks for popping by.  I promise to get dressed before I pop in to see you.......Laters!


  1. Lots of fab projects going on, I especially love the idea of the Olympic torch, the children will love it :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

  2. Hi Helen, I love the video box tutorial, thanks for sharing Joanne#46

  3. I love your Olympic project...suh must go and see the Olympic Torch if it passes through your town..I watched when the olympics were in athens...By the way its Hot here just suddenly...hope it cheers up in the UK too..Don't you just love Graphic 45??

  4. Anonymous10:56

    What a fabulous project! Wonderful idea.

    Zoe #72

  5. A busy and reative space, love the look of the things on your desk...good luck with thetorch! Hugs trace x 40

  6. What a lovely shot of your desk, I love the angle
    Thanks for popping by my blog
    Jakix #98 or 9 I forget!

  7. You look really busy there. I think we've all got washing on our radiators, don't worry. Although, she says smugly, I have managed to hang mine out today as Mr sunshine made a welcome return.
    Good luck with all your Olympic makes.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #79

  8. Wow, lots going on at the moment. Will go back and have a look through your blog now and your tutorial. Tracey X ±90

  9. Oh, I wish I could have seen your pink fluffy slippers! I love it when my doggies work alongside me as well!

    I make my photo montages using Picassa, a free app for Mac, in case you wanted to try it too! Now following your blog. :)


  10. I spy yummy Graphic 45 papers..... good luck with you Olympic projects!!!! Hugs May x x x#32

  11. I love Graphic 45 paper...great project too. Thanks for letting me peep!


  12. You are busy and creative with lots of interest in your workspace (wouldn't have noticed the washing) - thanks for sharing - Hazel, WOYWW #10 x

  13. My daughter is the assistant coach for the high school gymnastics team. She's done gymnastics since she was in 7th grade. Lots of good stuff going on. I'm straining my eyes to find the wash on the radiator. Can't make it out. :D Have fun at your desk and thanks for visiting mine!

  14. love the olympic torch idea. it is comming down here in Saffron walden Essex has been for about 3 weeks now am preparing to take mine to school in full knowledge that i will need to change afterwards :( o well we need the rain

    tfs Happy WOYWW Mrs.C.xx #74

  15. I really love your pen/pencil holder with the daisies on - so cute! and so much going on - it looks a really inspiring place to sit and work.
    Thanks for popping by and hope you have a good crafting week.

  16. just had a peek at your case tutorial and its brill
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #38

  17. Sounds like you have some great ideas for the up coming olympics for the children. Didn't see the washing until you mentioned it. LOL

    Thanks for sharing your desk whilst in the dressing gown.
    Eliza #19

  18. That paper looks yum!


  19. What fun to have the olympics there, and what a great idea for your son's team. I am a total fan of the games and am looking forward to seeing more of London and the surrounding countryside. Thanks for the comment on the Grinch Tin in my work space. The story behind the tin is even better. It was Christmas time and for some reason by husband was with me in the grocery store when we came upon all these cool tins. We were laughing our socks off. Turns out all the tins were filled with boxer shorts. Kind of an odd present, but I really wanted the tin, so we bought it for our son. He really thought it was odd. Oh well. I noted that he wore them, as I saw them in the laundry. Dr. Suess was one of a kind, that's for sure. I enjoyed reading about how you go about planning for your card classes. I started teaching about 6 months ago, and definetly DO NOT have the time thing figured out. Must work harder on this!! Hope you're having a good week Helen.

    Sara #172

    1. Hi Sara, I really hope that the weather gets better for the Olympics. It seems to have been grey and damp for ages. I know it is what keeps Britain green but enough is enough!! Your story about the Grinch tin made me chuckle. I would never have guessed how he came to be on your shelf!!

      I have been teaching two years this year and I still haven't got the timing. It is a standing joke in my classes. When we switch between cards I always say tidy away and get ready for the second card and if you are really quick you can get yourself a cuppa and a biscuit....but only if you are quick mind!

      I hope you are enjoying yourself teaching your classes. What kinds of things do you teach Sara?

      We have an extra day this weekend (Bank holiday) so we hope to do a spot of gardening for my mother in law. If the weather is like today I might have to persuade her to light her fire and we can nod peaceful in front of that while it rains!! Every cloud.....

  20. A lovely colourful desk, which is just what we need with our awful weather! Great idea about the Flame Pledges - would love to see how that turns out. Thanks for popping by my Pen Pot, have a fab week - Deb x

  21. What a great desk and I love the idea for your Olympic Torch. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing and for visiting too : ) Liz at 145 x


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