Thursday 26 January 2012

My First Blog

On my 49th birthday I finally started taking steps towards starting up my own business.  I have often thought it would be great to be able to earn a living doing something you love and what could be better than doing that and being your own boss?

This year I will be 50 and I had hoped to be able to launch my business on my momentous anniversary!  I may miss that deadline but I could make it happen in my 50th year if I focus!

More and more business websites have links to Blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  These are all unexplored territories to me so today I will learn what I can about Blogging.  With each new entry in my Blog I hope to turn this Blog into something that looks fabulous and is interesting to read.  In the beginning I will journal the steps I have taken to get my business started and when I am ready to let others read this I hope I have created a Blog that is somewhere people may want to visit again and that is an asset to my new business.

Today that seems an awful lot to aspire to but I am going to follow the wise words said to me by my late father in law who was remembering the encouragement given to him by his father:

'Put your head down and keep going!'

I know these words encouraged him every day to fight on.  So my battle everyday is to get my business to the point where I can launch it.  Each day I promise myself I will accomplish something, no matter how small, that helps get me to my goal.

Today I created my Blog and posted my first entry on it.  I am now off to explore this Blogging world so that I can become familiar with it and to master it.  Wish me luck.....I think I am going to need it!!!

What Lies Ahead!

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