Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tag Tuesday - Seabirds

I knew I wanted to have a seagull in my tag this week and I had a particular seagull in mind.  This is a photo of a friendly seagull who stopped and sat with us for a while on a lovely beach in Sarasota!  I resized one of the photos I had of him looking very relaxed and printed out several copies so that I could decoupage him once I had snipped into all his feathers.  It took me a while but I am pleased with the result.

I used Broken China Distress ink to colour my sky and then added wispy clouds by tearing up a scrap of that foamy packing material I used for my Dragonfly wings a couple of weeks ago.  I then used a sparkly remnant left over from making the wings and added a strip of that for my sparkling sea.  I added more sparkle and a little white acrylic paint.  Then I glued on sand and at the waters edge I used micro glass beads to create a foamy watery effect (well that is what I hoped to achieve anyway!!)  I added a couple of bits of driftwood for my friendly seagull to perch on.  I added a quote, shells and starfish charms and some fibres to finish off my Seabirds inspired tag.

Here is a photo of our friendly seagull.  I don't know why he stayed so long unless he thought 'they are bound to eat something soon!!'  But it was lovely to lie on our loungers in his company.

Isn't he lovely?!  Thank you for all the lovely comments last week - I will let you know when I perfect the squish diet technique!  Have a great week.

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  1. Terrific to have used your beautiful photo--the seagull looks real-brilliant tag

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. He's a handsome fella! This tag is awesome, you should be very pleased with this :)

  3. Helen, that tag is awesome! The seagul looks absolutely real, and about to take off and fly away! I love the way you've done the feathers. The seaside theme is one of my favourites (I've decorated our bathroom on that theme, complete with rock pool on the floor lol!) The effects you've got with the sparkle and packing materials is amazing, and it makes me realise again that I simply must get some of those glass microbeads. I do use Golden Glass Bead Gel Medium which is amazing for this sort of effect too - it dries crystal clear. I really love this tag!!


  4. Your tag is amazing, the seagull is very life like.

  5. A beautiful tag , great textures!trace x.

  6. Anonymous06:33

    Loved reading your process of making this tag. I liked the effect of the textured layers of the printout to mimic the seagulls feathers. You put a lot of thought into the textures and effects you want to achieve on all parts of this tag. Lovely work!


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