Treasure Chest - Lid (Part 2 of 2)

To make the Lid of the Treasure Chest:

Step 13:   Cut 2 strips of mount board that measure 4 5/8" x 1/2" and 2 strips that measure 3 3/4" x 1/2".

Step 14:   Cut a 12" x 1/2" strip of scrap card fold in half to find the middle and then open flat and glue one long strip of mount board onto it  slightly to the left of the middle fold line.  Use a shim and then glue a short strip to the right hand side of the paper strip.

Step 15:   Using the shim for positioning again glue the remaining short strip to the left of the long strip and the remaining long strip to the right of the short strip.  All the strips are joined and from left to right should be short, long, short and long.

Step 16:   Cut a scrap piece of paper 8 3/8" x 1/2"and use it to secure the sides into position.  Test it on the base of the box.  It should be a loose fit to allow for the wrapping with paper.

Step 17:   Cut a piece of mount board 4 5/8" x 4 1/2" then using a paper trimmer place the card in the portrait position and score every 1/4".  This will allow you to curve the lid of the treasure chest.

Step 18:   Cut 4 pieces of scrap paper 1" x 4 5/8" (these strips will be use to join the curved top to the lid frame created at Step 16.

Step 19:   Glue two of the strips to the outside of the 4 5/8" long sides as shown in the photo above.

Step 20:   Attach the curved top to the frame of the lid.

Step 21:   Strengthen the join by glueing the remaining to strips into position on the inside of the lid.

Step 22:   Now we will use the lid to make a template for the arched end pieces of the lid.  Position the end of the lid onto a piece of mount board and draw across the bottom of the arch.

Step 23:   Then draw around the outside of the arch.  Repeat for the other end of the lid.

Step 24:   You now have two arches ready to cut out.

Step 25:   Use a craft knife to cut the arches out.  It is easier to cut around the curves in short pieces.  Draw around each of the arches on the paper you are using to cover the inside of the box and put to one side.

Step 26:   Cut 4 pieces of scrap paper 1" x 3 3/4".

Step 27:   Secure each of the arches in position with one strip on the outside.  Trim of any excess strip around the curve of the lid.

Step 28:   Dry fit the strip that will secure the inside of the arch and trim to fit.  Then glue into position.

Step 29:   Cut 2 strips of scrap paper 3/8" x 5 1/2" and score along the length at 3/8".

Step 30:   Glue the strips around the curve of the lid as shown.  The score line runs along the edge of the curve.

Step 31:   Snip approximately every 1/2" and glue into position as shown above.

Step 32:   Repeat for the remaining side of the lid.

Step 33:   Try the lid for size.  It should be loose at this stage.

Step 34:   Place a piece of the paper you are using to cover the outside of the lid right side down on you desk.  Draw around each end of the lid allowing a 1/2" border.

Step 35:   Cut out.

Step 36:   Glue the wrong side of each arch to each end of the lid and notch as shown above.

Step 37:   Cut 'V's around the arch and glue the small tabs around the arch to secure.

Step 38:   Cut a piece of paper 4 5/8" x 6 1/2".

Step 39:   Glue into position around the lid allowing 1/2" each side to be wrapped to the inside of the lid.

Strapping for the Base of the Box:

Step 40:   To get a neat finish you will need to be able to cut 45 degree angles.  I cut a 1" square from scrap and then cut diagonally.  I am going to use one of these triangles as a guide for cutting my angles.

Step 42:   Cut 4 12" x 3/4" strips and score them in the middle at 3/8".

Step 43:   Ink the edges of the strips (this step is optional).

Step 41:   Fold all the strips in half.  Cut 4 strips to the exact height of the base of the box (approx 2").

Step 42:   Use you paper triangle as a guid to cut one end of the folded strips at a 45 degree angle.

Step 43:   Glue the strips into position around the corners of the box as shown above. 

Step 44:   Cut 2 strips to the length of the long and short sides of the box and then use the paper triangle to cut a 45 degree angle at both ends of the strips and then glue into position as shown above.  The 45 degree angels should give you perfectly mitred corners.

Step 45:   Glue a strip around the arched end of the lid so that the score line sits on the very edge of the lid.  Trim to length.

Step 46:   Snip around the curve at approximately every 1/4".

Step 47:   Glue into position as shown above.

Step 48:   Repeat Steps 45 - 47 for the remaining end of the lid.

Step 49:   Ink your box for a distressed look.  This Step is optional.  I had one happy event that the inking made the script on the paper stand out more and one happy accident.  I wanted to remove some of the in as I had been a bit heavy handed.  I decided to use a wet wipe. As I wiped over the box patches appeared where excess glue had acted as a resist.  It actually looked quite nice and added to the aged look!

Step 50:   Use Tim Holtz Hardare Findings die to cut 2 hinges from Rangers grunge board.  Ink both hinges and dry with a heat gun to set the ink.

Step 51:   We are going to use Tim Holts Hitch Posts to secure our lid in position to keep our treasures safe so you will need to make the hole in the hinge end large enough to fit over the post.  I used a hole punch but you might choose to cut small splits at the top and bottom of the small hole so it can be eased over the post.

Step 52:   Attach the strips over the centre of the lid using a piecing tool to make the holes for the brads to go through.  Open the brads on the inside of the lid and press down well to secure the straps.  3 brads  are positioned using the exiting holes at the end of the die cut and then 3 holes are made evenly spaced down each side of the strap.

Step 53:   Now it is time to position the two hitch posts.  Place the lid on the box and mark through the holes in the ends of the straps front and back where the hitch posts will be placed.  Pierce a hole at each point and then widen each enough to allow the hitch posts to be screwed into position.  See photo above.

 Step 54:   Cut a piece of the lining paper at 5 1/2" x 5 3/4".  Place the paper in the portrait position and score at 1/2" from the left and right sides.  Fold along the score line and cut small wedges along each side every 1/2" approximately.  See photo above.

Step 55:   Dry fit and trim off any excess length.

Step 56:   Glue into position. 

This photo reveals my third mistake - Notice I do not have the straps attached any longer!  I have to re line the lid of my box to cover my brad tails!!  You, however, are benefiting from my mistake and will make it right first time!

Step 57:   Remember drawing around the arches that you made to form the lid ends way back at Step 25?  Hope you haven't lost them on your desk now!  Cut them out.

Step 58:   Dry fit the pieces to each end of the box lid.  Ys your finger or an embossing tool to mark any excess to be trimmed away.

Step 59:  Mark any excess at the straight edge and trim away before glueing each end in place.

The final touches:

Step 60:   Glue a piece of your lining paper to a piece of grunge paper and when dry cut out the two smallest flowers from the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die and one leaf (the rose shaped on from the Tattered Leaves die (not in photo).  Also cut one flower from the outside paper.  Get one hitch post and one metal flower (also Tim Holtz ideology).  You will not need the circle that is in my photo!  Punch a hole in the centre of each flower.

Step 61:   Ink the flowers (Optional) and shape them before threading them onto the base of the hitch post and joining them together by screwing on the cap which forms the centre of the flower.

Step 62:   Ink the leaf (optional) and shape before attaching it and the flower to the top of the treasure chest lid using pin flair glue gel or a strong adhesive.

Step 63:   I cut my handwritten sentiment into strips and adhered them to the leaf (optional step).

And here is my cute little treasure chest with my ATC treasures inside!  You do not have to make this as ATC storage as it is suitable for any small items of treasure!  It would make a fab gift box for that someone special.

If you make this project I would love to hear from you.

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