Friday 20 February 2015

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I hope you are all getting into weekend mode!  I am hoping to finally get the hedge trimmed in the garden as it is looking a little wild out there and other than that I am hoping to get on to a couple of home decor projects that are gathering dust!!!!!

So apart from my least favourite job of picking up hedge clippings I am set for a fun time!  The boys are gymnastic-ing and rugby-ing and training-ing and it all seems much to tiring for me!!!!!

So today I am sharing a couple of things - first is one of my home decor projects finally completed and I so wish I had gotten to them sooner as I am so pleased with how they turned out.

Here is the before……………

Sorry the photo is a little blurry!  Unfortunately I can't go back and re take this one as now it looks like this!!!!!

What do you think?  I am thrilled with the result and it was soooooooo easy!  I used a mixture of some paint I had left over from my walls with a little acrylic paint as I wanted to start with a slightly darker shade as I knew I would add the Tim Holtz tissue wrap over the top.

I coated the areas I wanted to add the tissue to with two coats of paint - oh and the handles.  Once everything was dry I used matte mod podge to attach the tissue using a gift card to smooth out any wrinkles and ……..voila!

Easy peasy - the hardest bit was adding the green fine striping but it was worth the extra effort.  I am now looking for my next make over piece!!!  That tissue worked a treat and I still have loads left over and I did two of these little cupboards!

Next on my list for sharing is some of the fun I had when I went to a Finnabair workshop last week!  Oh boy did I get mucky!  It was very pretty muck though let me tell you!!!

It was lovely to meet the Prima ladies and see all the new goodies coming our way - this was my little pack of goodies ready to get creative!

Getting ready to start - please note the pristine table - It did not stay that way for long let me tell you!  Once we opened up a jar or three of the Prima Art Basics and started mixing and sprinkling  gone was the pristine table top!

Here is the lovely Finnabair (Anna!)  talking us through the processes and telling us all about the qualities of all the different bases in the range……oh and then there are the sparkles too!

 Here is my cover underway!  Mixing and matching the lovely metal elements from Prima with gaudy buttons………check out the lovely dotty background too.

A couple of coats of white gesso and things start to take shape!  I wish I had taken more photos - a selfie might have been an idea but I was just busy busy busy!  I will share more of the finished journal with you at a later date.  I had a whole heap of fun and am loving all the new products I got to play with - my shopping list lengthened yet again and it is all thanks to the fab tuition of the lovely Anna.

I can finish this post by sharing my cover so far!

I really want to add a few gems into the mix once I get around to finishing this off - I love this technique and I am busy collecting bits of this and bits of that ready to have a go with my own design next time……mmmmmm and I think I need an apron and cover up sleeves before I get messy next time!

I met some lovely ladies on the day and we all shared a fun picnic lunch looking over the water outside the hotel watching the planes take off in the distance!  As well as all the lovely crafting techniques I am going to try again I am definitely going to try the gourmet delight that is crispbread liberally spread with Nuttella and piled high with strawberries…..You know who you are ;-)

More sharing coming your way over the weekend so watch this space!  Have a fab time this everyone.

Thank you for popping by X


  1. what a transformation of your wee cupboard Helen; awesome inspiration! The book cover is beautiful what a difference the white over the top made. Glad you had lots of fun and came away with fab goodies and an awesome project. Have a great weekend Helen ((hugs)) :o))

  2. Oh how gorgeous, Helen - your fabulous covers and that lovely cupboard! I've got a little cupboard a bit like that, with 3 drawers. I have painted it a couple of times over the years - it was my grandmother's and I first painted it bright yellow to go in my bathroom in my first home away from home, and then to go in my bedroom when I moved, I painted it Laura Ashley pink to go with the curtains and wallpaper. It is now very sad looking and chipped, and it's one of those projects I'll get round to "one of these days."

    Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse are still on their extended naughty break and I haven't even had a postcard. I am in such a state now, with my operation a week away, and endless problems with Mum, and I can't even think about being creative at the moment. I am so worn out by it all, and have not had the peace and quiet I so needed to prepare for this major surgery, and learning how to manage the stoma afterwards.


    1. Hi Shoshi

      I am just replying to your email and I noticed your comment. I would definitely recommend the tissue for another revamp of your old drawers! ;-)

      Speak to you in a mo - hugs Helen x

  3. The cupboard looks lovely now! I am looking at your covers with envy... I would love to learn from the Mistress too, so thank you for sharing those pics.

  4. The cupboard looks great Helen

  5. The cupboard looks great Helen


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