Saturday 29 November 2014

Christmas is Coming Series - Video 3

Hi Everyone

Hope you are having a fun weekend - Mine is all about Christmas.  I am hoping to start with the decorating so to put me in the mood I am posting this Card for some last minute ideas if you, like me are running late already!!!

I started this series in the hope I would be organised for the 1st of December and that maybe I could help a few of you with your Christmas Card making too!

I have all 5 cards videoed but finding the time to edit them has been a nightmare!

This card is all about keeping it simple!  I really liked how it turned out.  Elegant….I hope you agree.  You could make it in lots of different colour ways and if you wanted to speed things up more you could draw the lines that the pine cone baubles hang from rather than sew them.  I am making a batch in Cream and Burgundy with a touch of gold sparkle.

So without further ado here is the video link:

Time to get into the Christmas spirit - I have to wash all the windows in the conservatory next and get rid of a few spiders webs before I can put up my first tree.

We have two trees in our house these days.  When we redecorated the front room a couple of years ago I wanted the tree to match so I started collecting a second set of ornaments in pastel blues, greens and silvers.  I loved my old baubles that I have lovingly collected over the years so much (they are all in jewel tones) I felt bad not getting them out of their boxes so the solution was…….a second tree!  It takes a while to get them both up but I do love them both.  I will post a couple of photos when they are done so you can see.

If you are decorating this weekend I hope you have fun actually I hope you have fun whatever you are doing!  Off to get my breakfast now….

Thank you for popping by X

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