Sunday 28 July 2013

Announcing the Tag Storage Project Workshop!!!

Sometimes life just seems to be so busy you can't get things past the finishing post!!!  I have 3 items on the go for my shop and this one got in there first (it was the one I started last!!!)  So without further ado here it is!

The Tag Storage Project Workshop!

If you love making tags but have nowhere to store them then this is the workshop for you!!  I have 3 already:-)  This one is covered and stamped to go with my Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 collection.

When you purchase any of my online workshops you will receive the links to your video tutorials.  This one has been broken down into 5 tutorials in total and they are accompanied by full Photographic Instructions to show you how to make a Tag Storage Unit of your very own.

You will receive full Cutting Guides, Materials and Tools Lists and lots of clear instruction.

If you like me love making tags then this is a great way to keep inspiration on your desk.  I have easily stored 26 tags on my tag storage unit.  That means in all likelihood I will get next years collection of tags on this cute little storage unit too - As you can see because it hangs your tags if you like me embellish your tags to differing degrees they will naturally space out so as not to squish all your lovely artwork.  It is easy to get your tags on and off and you can look at them without removing them from the Tag Storage Unit too.

Here is one I Zentangled all over (quite a few crafting hours in this one!).  It houses a full A-Z of Zentangle Patterns I worked on as part of the Alphabet Challenge over at Tag Tuesday. Because of the drop down door anytime I want to choose a few Zentangle patterns to put on a project I can!

Have I tempted you?  If I have then please click on this link and visit my ETSY shop to purchase your Workshop.  There are more photos over there too.

Alternatively you can order from my Blog sidebar.  Just click on the Buy Now button under the photograph of the Tag Storage Project and Paypal walks you through the rest.

A full set of video tutorials and full photo instructions for only £8.00.

Everything is supplied electronically.  If you order from my ETSY shop it sends you the pdf file with the video links immediately your payment is confirmed and if you order via my Blog I will send you your file within 2 working days of receiving confirmation of your order to the email address you supply to PayPal.  No postage!!!!! and I can craft with you wherever you are in the world - I can never get tired of how cool that is.

If you do decide to purchase this online workshop then it is worth subscribing/following my blog as I always share any ideas I have for my workshop projects here.  I have a few ideas that I know you will like so watch this space.

Hope you like The Tag Storage Project and hope you buy it!!!! ;-) Have a great week and thank you for popping by.

PS If you have friends that like to make tags I would love it if you would share this post with them.  Thank you X


  1. Brilliant idea Helen!
    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane - here is wishing for great sales!!! x

  2. Comgratulations Helen, this looks wonderful! And most definitely on my to-do list. Most of my poor tags are just clumped together in a box. I made a concertina folder but the tags that are slightly bulkier don't fair too well so something like this seems perfect. :0) Mo x

    1. No more crumpled Tags Mo! Glad you like it. I spent all day yesterday just getting it in my shop and on my blog!!! ETSY now have an automated delivery for pdf files so I had to test that out to make sure all the links for the video tutorials worked. Then once it is on my blog I have to remember how to make the PayPal buttons for it - cor blimey!!!! ;-) I am hoping to start a scrapbook kit club with video tutorials soon so I will be working on setting that up over the coming weeks - keeps me out of mischief!! I expect you are finding fun things to do with your son over the holidays. Teenagers are a challenge on that score! Have a lovely week Mo. X


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