Carrots and Cauliflower Tutorial

Here is a quick fun tutorial to learn how to make cute paper vegetables to embellish your projects and cards.

To make a Paper Cauliflower

Step 1:   Tear a square of light cream card or paper approximately one and a half inches square (light weight card or heavier weight paper  works best for this project) and punch out a flower shape from a green paper or card (my punched shape measures one and a quarter inches across its widest point).  I used an EK success punch but any punch similar shape and size to this would work.

Step 2:   Scrunch up the green flower and the cream square several times until they are soft and pliable.

Step 3:   Leave your cream square in a scrunched ball and look at it to decide which part of it looks best to form the flower of your cauliflower and then ink it lightly with Antique Linen distress ink using a piece of dry foam.  Unravel the green flower.

Step 4:   Add glue to the centre of the green flower and place the cream paper ball in the middle of it.

Step 5:   Pinch both pieces together and hold them together until the glue starts to set then allow it to dry.

Step 6:   When the glue is dry shape the petals of the green flower until your paper cauliflower looks picture perfect.  This is so quick and easy to do that in no time I had 3 veg for my tag and 3 for my embellishment drawer!

To make Paper Carrots

Step 1:   Take a strip of orange card approximately one and a half inches wide and screw it up and open it out a few times to make it soft and pliable (light weight card or heavier weight paper  works best for this project).

Step 2:   Roll a small cone shape from the strip.  Try to get a good point at the tip of your paper cone.

Step 3:   When you have the thickness of carrot you want cut the paper strip off and add glue before rolling to finish and secure the orange cone shape.

Step 4:   Make your carrots look like they have just been pulled fresh from the ground by brushing lightly with Vintage Photo Distress ink using a piece of dry foam.

Step 5:   Trim off the tops of your carrots to neaten (make the carrots different lengths) and then cut out two fern shaped leaves with a punch from green card or paper.  This is one of the very first punches I ever bought!  Any similar punch will work. 

Step 6:   Lightly scrunch your leaves and then place a blob of pva glue in the top of each carrot and poke in the tips of the two fern shaped leaves.  Allow the glue to dry and secure the leaves to the carrots.

In no time at all and using up the smallest scraps of paper you will soon have enough paper vegetables to feed an army!  Hope you have some fun creating these.  Let me know if you make some other vegetables or fruit using paper.  I love to hear from you.

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